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tv   News  ABC  April 16, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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we have breaking news this morning. this is big after a gasoline tanker has crashed. >> it's at east ordinance road in south baltimore near curtis bay. linda so is out there live at the scene. linda, can you see that the tanker is dangling any parts over the bridge? >> jamie, we actually can't see from where we are right now because of the vant april point. it happened up on that bridge over there. we also call it the curtis
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brook. the rear end of the tanker truck is hanging off the bridge right now. qerveen cartwright tells us two people have been taken to shock trauma. we're told that the accident involved a danger truck and utility truck. we don't know the extent of the injuries right now but police, fire and hazmat shoes are on the scene. the tanker truck is leaking gasoline. we don't know if the gas has gotten into the water yet. traffic is being detoured, so you'll probably want to avoid the area for the morning commute. this is the corner of pennington avenue and ordinance road. just to seat the leet this isn't a large industrial area. we see lots of industrial areas in this part.
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but again, two people have been taken to shock trauma with nawb life-threatening injuries. we'll continue to bring you updated information but for now, let's send it over to troy who will show you ho you to get around the mess. >> reporter: that's right. this will be an issue that we'll be dealing with for sometime. this will tbhot be an easy out as we look at the map, the draw bridge at pennington avenue and multiple injuries. if you want alternate routes, take 695 to the curtis street draw bridge to northbound route 2. if you are in the area, you have to follow police detours. as linda said earlier with the gas spills and all of the gear that's in that area this, is something that will be dealt with for sometime. so expect road closures and delays in that area.
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we'll keep you updated right here on abc 2. justin has the latest in weather. >> reporter: thanks, troy. at least weather's not posing a problem. partly cloudy sky across the area as we've had clouds and sprinkles up towards our north. look at dundalk at southeast baltimore county. across the area, we're looking at clouds up towards the north now. the radar looks overdone here. there may be a spritz across the hills near the pa line but overall we're looking at a quiet morning and quiet day. if you are partly cloudy to cloudy this morning, it will turn mostly sunny quickly as we head into the afternoon. the two degree garn breezes over chances some shower or this coming up in a coupling of
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it's 6:37 right now. in washington this morning, new information just released shows there were some deep divisions and anger in the bush administration over destruction of videotape showing a terror suspect being water boarded. the report indicated that the
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white house counsel, harriet miers, was livid when she found the then-cia director, porter goss, made the decision to have the videos destroyed. the chairman of ford is looking at could be handling problems. it's always been a standard practice for the ford motor company. 700 people have been killed in china. that earthquake shook the mountain region. hundreds are still trapped under a school in a monastery that collapsed during that earthquake. staying with china this morning. for the fourth month in a row, they have sold off more than u.s. treasuries than anywhere in the country. china is still the largest holder of u.s. debt. japan is the second. the us relies on u.s. debt to finance the budget deficit. breaking news that linda
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so is on. linda? >> a tanker truck filled with gasoline has crashed. how long before they get this cleaned up here and how will this affect your commute? what's causing that massive flight cancellation in six continents? of all of the things that could have gone wrong, a volcano in iceland was the last thing i thought. >> the travelers stuck and the airports that are shut down overnight. plus, kaght on tape. the officer near chicago that investigators say was caught beating a driver and his passenger. i'mer isry johnson with the tom joyner morning show. coming up with what the fly jock has to say about the census tour. and the orioles got bad news with one of the star players that could be out for a while.
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it's 6:42 right now. we want to go back to the breaking news we've been following for you this morning.
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>> we had a tanker that crashed at pennington avenue putting you in south baltimore near curtis bay. linda so is live at the scene with more. linda? >> reporter: you can't see the crash from this point, but if you look up there, that's the curtis creek draw bridge. you can see the blinking lights. we're told this accident involved a tanker truck. the rear of the truck is hanging off the side of the bridge. that truck was involved with a crash with another utility truck. here to tell us mower about it is the spokesman for the department, baltimore city fire department kevin cartwright. what does it look like up there, kevin? >> right now, just around 5:30 there was a motor vehicle collision involving a tanker truck and the utility work truck transporting utility lights to a construction site. right now, the mid-portion of the pennington avenue draw bridge, approximately 40 feet of the tanker truck is hanging off of the draw bridge after it
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collided with the utility truck. both drivers of the vehicles suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. they were treated here on the scene by paramedics and transported for further evaluation. >> reporter: i understand there's gasoline leaning as well. >> the tanker truck was empty. vapors probably less than 1 gallon of gasoline was inside so we're fortunate in this case. >> reporter: so it doesn't look like any of that got into the water? >> if so, very, very little. there was a blanket of film laid down to protect any residual gasoline. >> i saw the draw bridge is up right now. is that a reason why? >> that is not the bridge on which the accident occurred on. >> reporter: any idea how long this is going to take to clean up some. >> this could certainly be hours, considering the positioning of the tanker truck that's hanging on the draw bridge. they need a crane and other vehicles to lift it off the
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bridge without causing any more damage to the bridge. they have to have structural engineers on scene as well. >> you heard him. it will take hours to clean this mess up. it's not going to be quick and not easy. so you'll want to avoid the area. to give us a better idea of how to get around this mess, troy is standing by with a traffic update. troy? >> reporter: thank you, linda. this is a serious situation that will affect the area for some time to come. if you are not having to go down that way, stay away. we take a look at the map this morning. 695 to the curtis street northbound to route 2 is an alternate route. the pennington is closed between ordinance road and chemical road. we heard from the fire department, they will be dealing with that for quite a while. there will be serious delays in the area as well. megan and jamie, back to you. another developing story we've been following this
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morning. authorities closed frank fort and dusseldorf airports as volcanic ash spread across the area. ireland lifted restrictions and reopened airports. >> what's the president growing to do? he's supposed to travel to poland tomorrow for the funeral of the country's president and the val cane yo began erupting wednesday and it could take days to become flyable again. this is the worst flying problem since the terrorist attacks in 2001. take a look at this. as impressive as the images were from below sth is from above. nasa's satellite captured that ash plume over the mid-atlantic. if provides satellite image in
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near realtime. they take gorgeous pictures near the tropical season as well. but you can see that plume. this is regular clouds here. this is a brand knew site. we have 63 degrees. light winds pick up. it is a beautiful hd camera shot. so far this morning it's just clouds but they help keep the temperatures up. look at this 60s to our west. altoona 60. 62 in pittsburgh. we're fighting off clouds this morning and maybe a sprinkle across the pa line and over towards delaware, we do expect the warm wind to prevail. we expect the sun to pop back out the next couple of hours. the next clouds will provide us with evening showers and thunderstorms. overall, today's temperatures surge 81 degrees. the chance of the showers as you are watching all morning on
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the time line probably going to be after 6:00 p.m. and maybe a rumble of thunder this evening and overnight. temperatures start to fall back and by daybreak will not get to 53. the cool air settles in during the day tomorrow. we're left over with a variable cloudy sky into the afternoon and hindering the sunshine, bringing in the cool wind. 62 will feel so much cooler. it appear as as we check out the rest of the weekend, 30s with the low to mid-60s. an 82-year-old man murdered his wife who was also 82 and then they say he put the house on fire. yesterday morning, investigators showed up here in this home in ox bow court. the victim 82-year-old magda shear lived there with her husband and son and his wife.
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magda was found in the bedroom of the home which had been set on fire. >> it concerns me. it upsets me. we're talking two elderly people. why would somebody do this? i don't know, not unless you were sick, but i didn't know she was sick. i hadn't heard of anything. >> the victim's hospital was ticken to the hospital. he will be if heed about the murder and what led to her murder. this incident of a police officer beating a driver and passenger. the officer can be seen getting out of the car with the gun drawn. he uses a metal baton to beat the driver causing a concussion and cuts that required stitches. the passenger was tasered. the officer stopped the core for squealing tires.
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he claims the two men resisted arrest. in college park, two more officers have been accused of taking part in a beating of a university of maryland student last month. soour sister station wjla identified the officers pz saght crime and officer mcgalerey. those charges have since been dropped. a war veteran killed in a senseless murder. >> thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth -- >> 72-year-old charles bowman was shot to death on green mont avenue last week. last night, mourners held a vigil. he was getting food on his way to work at the afro-american newspaper. he worked there as a security guard. investigators say two people came to the carry out in an attempt to rob the store. bowman was shot during the
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exchange. his son had a message for the assailants. >> as far as i'm concerned, may peace be with you. that's the only way i can move on. i can't move on by hating you. it's double the compound of the hate, i don't know who i'm hating. so may peace be with you. my father is at rest, where is yours? >> police are still working to track down the suspects. if you know anything, call metro crimestoppers right now, 1866-7-lockup. radio star tom joyner is in town taking attendance making sure you are accounted for. sherrie? >> reporter: good morning, jaimie. stand up and be counted. that's the message tom joy is encouraging people. as you can see, the fly jock is on the air, and he is hard at
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work. the show is broadcasting live here to encourage people to participate in the 2010 census. as you can see, we're forming a little crowd here. people are starting to come out and take notice and list tonight fly jock. we have a number of people filming out forms getting the forms in. this show runs until 10:00 this morning. the tour has visited 14 cities with a different location each day. we caught up with him and he says even though some of his crew is sick, they are still out here encouraging people to fill out that census form. >> a lot of trust in our people in the tom joyner morning show and the whole brand and what we stand for. so we put our stamp on filling out this form, and that's why we're going around the country because we feel the african- american community trusts us. if we say it's all right it's all right.
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just fill out the form. >> reporter: the census is the basis for a representative democracy. it has about ten questions on it. it also determines how more than $400 billion of federal funding is spent on services like hospitals, schools and emergency services. you know, they say we have a ways to go. they want 100% mailed in. census workers are out here today to answer questions to help people fill out those forms. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >> on the mta, the program runs from 7:30 this morning until 7:30 tonight. it will be a big kickoff event. u.s. census workers will ride bus routes and trains and promote the importance of filling out the forms and sharing the information about the temporary census jobs. if you are looking to shop
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and save money, downtown baltimore is the place you want to be. an unofficial week of tax-free shopping. about 60 downtown retailers are offering discounts of at least 6% or more. so if you want more information, we've done all of the work for you. when you get there, there is a slide show. click on the story and we've got the details. getting reaction from the widow of dr. benjamin hooks who led the naacp and fought for civil rights in this country for decades. >> because people were good, and they were accepting and accepting and accepted him, so i think he did a good job of of helping mankind, black, white, green, and purple. >> dr. hooks died yesterday morning. he was the leader of the naacp
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for 15 years and brought the organization back to prominence. he was an accomplished attorney and also the first black commissioner of the fcc. is he credited with helping take the civil rights movement from dr. martin luther king's dream to reality. we've been following breaking news all morning long. you are looking at live pictures at the pennington avenue draw bridge. we've had police, fire, hazmat and coast guard on the scene dealing with a tanker truck that is still dangling off of that bridge. that area is one you want to avoid all morning long. we've been dealing with it. there are road closures in the area along with serious delays. the pennington avenue draw bridge is closed. you can use 695 to northbound route 2 or ritchie highway eastbound patapsco avenue. if you are in the other, and
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please be careful. justin has good news with the weather. let's see what's going on over there. the weather's not a problem this morning at 6:56. we've got clouds and maybe a sprinkle on the north side. don't worry about that. we're pushing in warm, dry air and today, a strong breeze kicks up and the sun returns. the showerstry to build back in this evening and overnight. tomorrow we're left with a lot of clouds. 38 saturday night and partly cloudy sunday leads us to only 60 degrees with 50s outside the beltway. we'll get back to the low to mid-60s earlier next week. we'll of course keep you updated on that breaking news throughout "good morning america." >> we'll see you at 9:00. ♪
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